How do the most creative people spend their time?

I am absolutely fascinated by the biographies of people who have made it big, so naturally I gravitated toward this story on FastCo Create. The infographic breaks down how the most famous creative people spent their time on any given day. So fascinating.

Here’s how the clock looks so you can orient yourself with what you’ll see.



And here’s what the colors represent3028428-slide-s-2-most-creative-people-routine

Next are just a few of my favorites from the bunch.3028428-slide-s-18-most-creative-people-routine

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin would keep checklists for himself and every night mark off the ways that he made self improvements that day? He is the epitome of self mastery.

Dickens seems to have the balance that I would choose for myself.


I love that the next one mentions Freud’s walking pace being a “terrific speed.” That’s my kind of walking!3028428-slide-s-7-most-creative-people-routine

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could survive on only this much sleep.3028428-slide-s-5-most-creative-people-routine 3028428-slide-s-4-most-creative-people-routine

Wasn’t that interesting? You can check out the full infographic here. I’m totally going to map out what I want my typical day to look like. Color coded, of course. 🙂


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